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Muurikka – more than a pan

Together with Opa, the Muurikka of today is an agile innovator of exciting new products designed to bring Finns greater enjoyment.
The Muurikka principle has always been the same: a meal must amount to more than just eating; it should also be an enjoyable experience.
Muurikka products and the food prepared with them have drawn thousands of Finns together over the years to share precious moments. Muurikka strives to preserve these abiding Finnish traditions with its extensive range of leisure-time outdoor products.

Our goal remains the same: to promote sustainable development by producing functional, strong, and lasting products that foster a unique atmosphere.

A Finnish classic – the Muurikka skillet

Muurikka has become the generic name of all outdoor skillets or grill hobs in Finland.
The one and only true Muurikka skillet was developed by the Muurikka founders in the 1970s.
The story began with an idea to expand the diameter of a cauldron in order to increase the frying area available. After further refinement of the idea, the first Muurikka skillet was born, fashioned from the inspection hatch of a steel container. A new word was thus coined for the Finnish vernacular and a future legend had arrived. Today, Muurikka skillets of all different sizes are still manufactured in Finland, industrially of course, and tens of thousands sold to date.

Muurikka product range

If Muurikka were a person, he or she would be a person who enjoyed the outdoors: practical and slightly weather-worn on the surface perhaps, but tough as nails on the inside. Amidst the utility and principal, however, would lurk a bit of the romantic, longing for some recognition for its daily toil and eager to share in intimate moments that make life worth living. This is why Muurikka products were created – to help turn the everyday into a special celebration.

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